Sunday, 9 January 2011

Shoe challenge #33: Purple rain

Dress (Dorothy Perkins), random black tights
and shoes (Jessica Simpson Dany's)
After a couple of weeks of snow and frozen pavements, Belgium has gone back to its trusty rainy pattern. So I decided not to wait for summer, but to wear my new Jessica Simpson Dany's with tights, like I had intended. The rich plum velvet is dark enough to work with opaque black tights, and I combined these monstruous platforms with this little purple A line dress I bought in London.
For work I wore this with some simple black stiletto knee boots, but for drinks with friends I switched to these more daring shoes. They are slightly too big on me since I ordered them a size up, but I'm planning to add a extra hole in the strap, so they'll fit tighter around my ankle.
Even with this small problem these are super comfortable to walk in, and they received a lot of remarks and compliments. So happy I'll be able to wear these all year around, with or without tights. Next time I'm thinking about pairing them up with some contrasting tights instead, like opaque white or even yellow.


  1. I've been eying those shoes for a while now, I absolutely love them. They're that perfect crazy shoe, I LOVE the purple velvet!

  2. Amazing shoes..very jealous!