Thursday, 16 February 2012

Outfit: Triple print

I apologize for the bad lift picture, but I'll usually go straight from work to the gym so I have no opportunities to take decent shots. A pity, since I loved my outfit. It's a bit of a variation on this one, using the same top. I replaced the Monet-like flowers with orange... with flowers, and switched the stripes for polkadots. I then added an extra print by way of my tights, and finished with a pair of rainproof black wedges. And on a side note, I spotted this dress on the Dorothy Perkins website, in the exact same fabric as the skirt I'm wearing! Very strange, considering my skirt is from Zara...

As you might see, my hair has gotten a new 'do. It's mighty short, but after two weeks I'm almost getting used to it, even if I wasn't very happy with it in the beginning. It did make me want to do my shirt up completely, as it looks great with my new Amélie Poulain-esque hair, but sadly my shirt doesn't have enough buttons to do so. I'm already using a little safety pin, but I'm thinking about a brooch next time, to go all 'proper and prim'.
I'm also currently sporting my favourite manicure of all time: fuchsia with fuchsia glitter on top. In real life it looks like these gorgeous Bebe wedges, so that's a plus. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to beauty stuff, so whenever the paint starts chipping a bit, I just touch it up and then put more layers on top. It's going to be a b**ch to take off...

On a more personal note, apparently this outfit was crazy enough (even for Brussels' standards) to make people think I studied fashion. Because surely it can't just be an expression of my personality? Now, that sounds more severe than I intended it to be, because the person that asked the question was kind enough to mean it as a complement. But, still funny.
I loved this little piece on personal style that I read today: "Look around and develop your own eye for things. I believe fashion is supposed to be fun and different. It’s supposed to make you laugh. I loved it when Jane said, “I believe in dressing for myself. There have been times when my own fashion director has seen my outfit and started laughing, which makes me happy as it means I've achieved that"."

Skirt and black top: Zara - shirt and blue top: H&M - tights: random - shoes: New Look.

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