Monday, 12 December 2011

Dressember - the 12th

Most days I follow the same routine: dress, shoes and matching belt. And usually a cardigan on top. It's the easiest thing in the world. I honestly don't get why people don't bother and just go out in whatever they can find first, when it takes no time or effort at all to be pretty. Or feel pretty, at least.
Unfortunately, I don't have any photos for Friday through Sunday, since I spent the weekend at my mum's place without a camera, but I can promise you that I wore a dress every single day. I recycled a little, so it would probably not have made for very interesting photos anyway.
In fact, I even recycled the dress I wore today. I love how you can create a different look by just changing the accessories, it's what I usually do. With this dress, it's mostly this yellow look or the same with my similar red wedges.
Speaking of wedges, I really do love these Jeffrey Campbell Sunshine wedges. They're in my top three, which, considering the amount of shoes I own, is a pretty big deal. I wear them all the time. They're just so comfortable (except when the ground is wet, then they get really slippery and tricky) and beautiful. The colour is a really bright corn yellow by day, but they can seem lime green or even orange in darker circumstances. Small downside: the straps on these broke twice, so I had to have them repaired twice, but now it seems like they're finally holding on. No similar problems with my other Jeffrey Campbell wedges though. (touching wood)
How do you feel about my christmas tree? Apparently some people really like it, some really hate it. But, I'm a girly girl and I live on my own, so I just went for the tacky, kitschy pink tree. (I still have to buy a cover for the foot, don't mind that little detail)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins - tights&cardigan: H&M - belt: Asos - shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (sold out).

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